Welcome to Dollette Boutique, home of renowned doll artist Jeri Ann Ray-Payne. For over 30 years Jeri Ann has made museum quality award winning Antique Reproduction Porcelain dolls for collectors world-wide. From Bleuettes, French-fashion, bisque babies, minatures and mignonnette, French Bebes, German character children, a wide variety of dolls are made from the doll molds of yesteryear. Hand-created from porcelain slip to finished constumed or undressed, these dolls represent the highest quality of doll making artistry and will add value to any collection of fine bisque dolls. Jeri Ann studies doll-making beginning in 1981 with the famed Doll Artisan Guild, winning many awards in UFDC doll shows as well. If you're looking for a particular doll, please contact Jeri Ann.